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Teaching Kids Golf: Five Putting Lessons and Ten Games; Guaranteed to Improve Putting Skills (2017)

This new book, a 60-page eBook on putting, is the latest addition to Terry Isaacson's Teaching Kids Golf series. It's a revision of the playbook highlighted below, done in collaboration with Chelsea Burney during the summer of 2017. It's now available in the Apple iBookstore at the following link:



Other books in the Teaching Kids Golf series are available by following the links below. 

Teaching Kids Golf: Putting Lessons for a Lifetime (2017)

This "playbook" includes five lessons on putting, including putting fundamentals, short putts, makable putts, long putts, and putting from off the green. While it was written for kids, the tips, drills and games have value for golfers of all ages. It is available online in the Amazon bookstore at the following link:


Teaching Kids Golf (2014)

This book features instruction from golf professionals with embedded videos, widgets, and end-of-chapter questions. Written primarily for younger golfers, the tips and techniques are useful for golfers of all ages.

Available through the Apple iBookstore at the following link:


For more information about the author and his novels, check out Terry's website at: www.terryisaacson.com

Highlights of the Playbook

Teaching Kids Golf: Putting Lessons for a Lifetime


The playbook includes five lessons featuring putting drills, games, tips, techniques, scoresheets, and areas for making notes.

Lesson 1: Putting Fundamentals


Seven fundamentals are explained and then reemphasized throughout the playbook. By completing each of the lessons in sequence, the kids will know all seven fundamentals and how they are used on a variety of putts.

Lesson 2: Short Putts


The instruction starts at the hole and focuses on making short putts, which the playbook defines as putts three feet or less.

Lesson 3: Makable Putts


Makable putts are putts from a distance of three to fifteen feet. The kids learn how to pick a specific aim point and follow a routine on every makable putt. The diagram shown above shows aim points relative to the hole, which is represented by the large black circle. The dotted circles represent a ball. So, Aim Point #6 is called "One ball left."

Lesson 4: Long Putts


By the time the golfer gets to this lesson, all seven fundamentals should be well understood. For putts longer than fifteen feet, distance control becomes the most important factor. The drills and games require a longer putting stroke, and the objective is to make sure the ball stops close to the hole.  

Lesson 5: Putting from Off the Green


The final lesson in the playbook covers putting from off the green. For most kids and beginners, the recommendation is to putt whenever you can.  

About the Authors

Terry Isaacson


Terry Isaacson is a published author with three full-length novels and four books on teaching kids golf. Terry's experience and knowledge of golf come from playing the game for 63 years, both competitively and recreationally. He worked with the golf staff and other teaching professionals on seven Junior Golf Camps at Pinetop Country Club in Pinetop, Arizona. 

Chelsea Burney


Chelsea played four years in college at Rogers State University and earned a Bachelors Degree in Sport Management in 2016. She became an Assistant Coach for the Men's and Women's golf team in 2016-2017 and joined the golf staff at Pinetop Country Club in July 2017. She's now an Assistant Golf Professional at Troon North GC in Scottsdale and has three years of experience in teaching kids golf.

Two-foot Circle Drill

Terry demonstrates the Two-foot Circle Drill. This short putt drill emphasizes picking a specific aim point for each putt, knowing that it will change as you move around the circle. You're working on aligning the putter face and your body with the line of putt. Make a short stroke with nice tempo, keeping the putter face square straight-back and straight-through the hitting zone. Repeat the routine and make all ten putts.

Six-foot (Same Putt) Drill

Terry demonstrates the Six-foot (Same Putt) Drill. The purpose of the drill is to work on alignment, setup, sight picture, and the putting stroke. Knowing the break and aim point, you can set the putter face square to line of putt and make a nice straight-back, straight-through stroke. 

Routine for a 10-foot Putt

Coach Chelsea demonstrates a routine for a 10-foot putt. She looks at the line from behind the ball and confirms it from behind the hole. With the line in mind, she rehearses her stroke, sets up, and makes the stroke.

Teaching Kids Golf Programs


The First Tee

The First Tee is a wonderful program for young kids interested in golf. Not only do the kids learn golf from dedicated teaching professionals, they learn about core values that will serve them well in everything they do.

For more information on the nationwide program, check out The First Tee's website by clicking on the photo to the left.



U.S. Kids Golf

U.S. Kids Golf offers a wide range of programs and products specifically for kids of all ages. Check out their website at the link below for a complete presentation of their corporate philosophy, coaches and training programs, tournament opportunities, and golf equipment for kids, including clubs, balls, shoes -- everything you need for kids to start playing golf.


Arizona Junior Golf Programs

Junior Golf in Arizona -- Opportunities Are Unlimited -- All Year Long


Arizona Junior Golf


Opportunities abound for junior golfers who are ready to test their skills in competition and officially-sanctioned events. Arizona Junior Golf sponsors in-school instruction at many schools and after-school instruction at golf facilities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Check out the link below for complete details.


Junior Golf Association of Arizona


The JGAA is the parent organization for junior golf programs located throughout the State of Arizona. Click on the link below to check out the locations and facilities that have sanctioned JGAA programs and activities. The Arizona Junior Golf icon to the left on this page shows an example of these opportunities. 


Teaching Kids Golf Sites


Sue Wieger Golf Academy

Sue Wieger is an LGPA golf professional with a best-selling book -- GOLF: The Last Six Inches. Change Your Brain--Change Your Game -- on her long list of accomplishments. Her approach to teaching and coaching golfers of all ages is impressive and refreshing. Check it out by visiting her website at the following link:



The Silverado Junior Golf Program

The Silverado Golf and Resort in Napa, California, offers an impressive array of golf programs for kids. From the Little Novice program for kids aged 2- to 6-years old to Junior Golf Academies for Girls and Boys, Silverado has the full spectrum for teaching kids golf.